Are you interested in the Viking Age? Of ships and sailing, of crafts, of fairy tales and stories? Then we have something for you. 

We are an association for people who enjoy exploring the past by living history together. The website presents what the association is, what we do and how to find out more. You are also looking here to find out a little about our village Gladhem, our Viking ship Glad of Gillberga and our visitor center - Värmlands Vikingacenter. If you want to stay more updated, you should visit the association's Facebook page Föreningen Vikingaleden. There is also a group on Facebook called Vikingafränder where everyone is welcome!

History of the Association

The association Vikingaleden started in 1993. The idea was to make an interesting village by using the memories in the landscape from the Viking Age and nearby historical epochs. We would do this first and foremost by building our own Viking ship and then using it for rowing and sailing. The association has since developed into a broad business on land and at sea. In 2019, the number of members is just over 200.


The association's current statutes were adopted in 2011. It is stated here that the association is both non-profit and voulenteer work and that the seat is located in Arvika and Säffle municipalities. The purpose is formulated as follows: To work to ensure that the Vikingaleden water route with surrounding areas in the Glafsfjord and Byälven water areas is developed as a cultural and tourist area. That joint investments are made on the basis of a rich ancient history to achieve activity in the cultural and tourist area. Examples of such investments are the construction of Viking-era ships, the construction of ancient houses / villages and public events with ancient history as the theme. To benefit the archaeological and historical work to explore the history of the area from the Middle Ages and back. To grab the public's interest in history in the homeland, as a resource in the present and for the construction of the future.


In addition to what is specifically stated in the statutes, it is important for us to present a nuanced picture of Viking-age everyday life. This means that we, of course, include people of all ages and of all genders in our business and that we reflect the peaceful everyday life as well as the craft, trade and life on board the ships. The Vikings were also warriors and fighting with or without weapons is part of the picture. The Viking Age was a time without special boundaries and languages ​​and different ways of life were mixed well. There were great social and economic differences between people then as now and even the unfree - slaves - were many. Religion meant a lot and during the Viking Age there were many ways to relate to the divine. The Asa gods meant a lot, as did other kinds of beings. Christianity grew in size and strength during this very era. We want to tell about all this without glorifying, but to create perspective on how it was and how it has become as it has become in our Nordic societies.

Our basic view means that we welcome everyone to take part in what we have to show and tell about, no matter where they themselves come from. We are active members of the digital network Vikings against racism and we work to ensure that everyone is treated with warmth, kindness and dignity with us.

The association has a board and a number of different working groups. In 2019, the following groups / areas of responsibility are relevant:

The craft group

Viking market group

The Viking Center Group

The food group

The ship group

The village council

The board